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How The PS Vita Can Be Saved

The PS Vita is supposed to be a wonderful console. It should have been the leader of its class effortlessly, easily destroying the Nintendo 3DS. Yet, why didn't it succeed? Due to the lack of AAA titles, which was a result of mixed customer feedback. 

Why did you lose? WHY?

Still, even today, experts recommend the Vita over the 3DS, but the truth is that they don't feel its good. They (including me) want it to be good. The PS Vita had great potential and still does. However, in order for Sony to keep the console running, it'll have to make drastic changes....

1. Add an SD card slot to the PS Vita

Sony's idea of charging a fortune for memory cards totally back-fired. The memory card itself was the only reason I didn't buy the PS Vita. A comparison given above shows that the memory cards for the Sony PS Vita are almost 5 times higher than their SD card counterpart's. However, very few people are willing to shell out so much money, especially when the already cheaper Nintendo 3DS accepts SD cards, which takes me to the 2nd point.....

2. Make the PS Vita cheaper

Is this even fair?

The 3DS has outsold the PS Vita by a drastic amount. This means more personal, day-to-day, marketing by word. The only way PS Vita can break the jinx is by reducing its price to at least on par with the 3DS XL. This, combined with the positive reviews online, could be a winning formula for Sony.

3.Port PS2 and Android games

Some games are never meant to die

When the PS Vita first came, Sony boasted that it could fit PS3 quality games on the PS Vita, and proved it by giving a near PS3 experience for the new Need For Speed Most Wanted. Sadly, not many developers, including EA, took up that kind of project. So, Sony should start inviting developers to port top quality PS2 games to the PS Vita instead of offering it via PS Now. There are some classic PS2 games I would still love to play if my PS2 was working. This could also give developers more breathing time to create their next big game. For example, Polyphony is taking way too much time developing Gran Turismo 7. However, Sony fans wouldn't mind the game coming late if they could get their hands on the PS Vita versions of Gran Turismo 4 or 5.

Sony should also acknowledge the fact that mobile phones are the PS Vita's biggest threats. Hence, enabling APK development (or the Amazon App store) on the PS Vita would be great. I'd love to play Asphalt 8, Dead Trigger 2 or the upcoming NFS No Limits on the PS Vita.

4. Sony's Smart TVs should be equipped with PS TV

Like father, like son

For those who don't know, the PS TV is basically what you get when you put Roku and PS Vita together. Sont put a lot of thought into the PS TV, but it met with the same fate as the PS Vita (possibly because it too used memory cards). However, Sony can take a step forward by using it in Sony smart TVs. This way more people will have a PS TV, which means more customers, which means more developers and eventually games too.

If Sony takes these steps, it can get ahead of the 3DS or at least have a chance. Until then, try to resist the temptation of buying a PS Vita.

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