Tuesday, 28 April 2015

E-Sports Is Getting Another Genre

E-sports has great potential. It has a huge viewer base already and companies are rushing to sponsor players. However, it also has an Achilles' heel: it relies too much on MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games. This means that if these games start losing popularity, e-sports might face huge losses.

So, now e-sports will need to include more genres to attract more players and viewers, especially average everyday gamers who are the ones who can benefit the most from video game streams, but the console gamers are given very limited options, as the top three viewed games (on Twitch) aren't on consoles. There are multiple genres that are waiting to be discovered by professional gamers, but one iconic genre is getting a head start.....

That is, the racing genre.

Now, some of you might be nodding your heads, while some of you would've stopped reading in disgust, but why racing? Well, when it comes to video gaming,the two biggest factors for success are advertising and the number of people playing. At least when it comes to advertising, this years been great so far. As for the number of people playing, it doesn't get better than now.

This year, after possibly a long time (or for the first time), will see more simulations released than street racing games. The ribbon-cutter being Ride. The makers of Ride, a motorbike racing simulation game, made a bold and risky statement by saying that the game would be "the Gran Turismo of bike racing." Did it live up to its statement. Eh, the mixed bag of reviews show that it's for you to decide. But did the statement live up to its expectations. Definitely, as word spread very fast making everyone curious, which obviously made a lot of people to buy the game.

The second simulation we'll see is the game with big expectations: Project Cars. The game, since the beginning of its development, had a place in our hearts, as it was made in partnership between gamers, a studio and actual racers. The fact that career mode will be extremely intuitive also wins some people's heart.

Are you serious? Is this a game?!

Both of these games have one thing in common; the advantage that gamers feel will allow Project Cars to put on a better show than Gran Turismo: multi-platform. This automatically increases the number of players and also attracts professional gamers who like to play on the PC more.

This is definitely much better than League of Legend's variety of Mac, PC and Linux

Also, we must not forget four other big title releases: the next Need For Speed mobile and console games, Forza Motorsport 6 and F1 2015. These four games have the advantage of a strong base of loyalty customers, which might gives them a head start.

The racing genre wouldn't be a passing cloud either. Next year would see the release of the most popular of the racing simulation genre: Gran Turismo 7, which has the biggest expectations of all these games due to Driveclub's poor showing.

Of course, if your burdened by your parents reading every single safety reviews, all of these games will be rated either E or E10+.

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